Why is it important to prepare for pregnancy?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she experiences significant changes in body and mind. Her body needs to carry a baby for nine months to give life to a new human being. She might find that her goals, moods and attitudes towards herself and others are different. It’s important, therefore, to make sure that her body is ready to conceive, bear and give birth to a healthy baby.

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What happens in a woman’s body during pregnancy?

Early in the first month of pregnancy, due to the hormonal changes, there is an increase in the activity of the subcortical brain regions, and a decrease in the excitability of the cerebral cortex.

That’s why women in the early stages experience mood swings and irritability, drowsiness, impaired concentration and increased fatigue.

She might also experience nausea, dizziness and a change in taste and olfaction (smell). But these symptoms soon disappear.

Changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy miofolic Changes in the body during pregnancy

What should couples do when they find it hard to conceive?

Many couples dream of a child, but sometimes that a long-awaited pregnancy doesn’t occur. What happens then?

Around 15% of couples have difficulties with conception. Even when the woman is completely healthy, the chance of becoming pregnant during one menstrual cycle is only 25%.

The ability to conceive and bear a child is affected by many factors.

Sometimes stress may be the cause (in the state of depression, prolactin is produced uncontrollably and can lead to undesirable consequences) or climate change. More serious causes include inflammation of the genitourinary system and pelvic organs, and infections or hormone imbalance that lead to menstrual disorders.

The most common infertility causes are polycystic ovary syndrome increased homocysteine.

The main causes of infertility in women

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) includes ovarian dysfunction and insulin resistance, resulting in:

  • menstrual disorders
  • infertility
  • implantation failure of the fertilized ovum (zygote) in the uterus
  • hyperinsulinemia (excess level of insulin in the blood)
  • hyperandrogenemia (high level of androgens, male sex hormones)
  • hirsutism (male-style hair growth)
  • obesity
  • diabetes mellitus type II

Increased homocysteine levels

High homocysteine in plasma (hyperhomocysteinemia) is considered an independent risk factor for:

  • impaired interaction between sperm and the egg cell (reduced conception probability)
  • implantation failure of the fertilized ovum (zygote)
  • risk of miscarriage, fetal growth restriction and even death
  • fetal malformations caused by neural tube insufficiency
  • cardiovascular diseases (venous thrombosis, myocardial ischemia)

PCOS is the cause of


maintaining a healthy pregnancy miofolic поддержание здоровой беременности миофолик miofolic, box miofolic

70% of anovulatory cycles and infertility

85% of early miscarriages

10-15% of reproductive aged women have PCOS

10-15% of reproductive aged women have PCOS, miofolic

Miofolic increases fertility and supports a healthy pregnancy. Gynecologists advise taking Miofolic complex in the treatment of PCOS

Miofolic action


The key mechanism of the myo-inositol action is confirmed in several clinical studies involving a large number of women.

The use of myo-inositol restores the normal metabolism in the body (reduces insulin resistance and compensatory hyperinsulinemia), which leads to the restoration of normal hormonal parameters and, as a result, to:

  • resumption of ovulation
  • resumption of menstruation

According to available data, there are no adverse effects while taking myo-inositol and it is well tolerated.

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4th Generation Folic Acid

4th generation folic acid (5-methyltetrahydrofolate) is a biologically active form of folic acid ready for body uptake. A biologically inactive form of folic acid (5,10-methyltetrahydrofolate) is contained in food and in most medicines.

When the inactive form of folic acid gets into the body, it is transformed – under the action of the methyltetrahydrofolate reductase enzyme (MTHFR) – into the biologically active form of folic acid (5-methyltetrahydrofolate). It is this active form that is absorbed by the body and involved in complex biochemical processes.

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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is necessary for better folic acid absorption. In addition, vitamin B12 enhances and supplements the action of folic acid and therefore their combined intake is recommended.

Vitamin B12 is responsible for improving immunity, helping to maintain proper energy metabolism and preventing anemia occurrence. It is essential for regulating reproductive function and it plays an important role in the regulation of the hemopoietic organs functions. It also maintains the nervous system in a healthy state, for example, affecting concentration and memory, and reducing irritability.
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Unique in simplicity and efficiency

The components used in Miofolic have been thoroughly studied and proven to be effective in the treatment of PCOS and related infertility in women

increases fertility miofolic

supports healthy pregnancy

recomended in case of pcos

Miofolic benefits


  • Normalizes metabolic processes (increases insulin sensitivity)
  • Reduces overall testosterone level (androgen, "male hormone")
  • Increases progesterone level ("pregnancy hormone")
  • Stimulates ovulation
  • Reduces hirsutism assessment and reduces acne severity


  • Reduces the incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus
  • Reduces the risk of developing pre-eclampsia high blood pressure in late pregnancy
  • Normalizes the gestational age to 39.3 weeks
  • Reduces the risk of possible fetal neural tube defects

Benefits during
assisted reproductive
technologies (ART)

  • Enables the reduction of gonadotropins and reduces the burden of pregnancy on the woman’s body
  • Improves the quality of oocytes
  • Improves the implantation of fertilized ovum into the uterus

Miofolic Composition

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