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Benefits of taking Miofolic

Very well tolerated

Myo-inositol is synthesized in the human body (in the kidneys) in amounts of several grams per day. Under certain conditions, the synthesis and metabolism of myo-inositol is disrupted, and additional intake is recommended.

Studies were performed with the participation of about 600 women who daily took 2g or 4g of myo-inositol. These studies found an absence of adverse effects when taking myo-inositol.

Only a very high daily dose (more than 12 grams) caused adverse effects. These were mild gastrointestinal adverse effects, such as nausea, distention and diarrhea.

Miofolic action

Miofolic increases fertility

  • Use of Miofolic is effective for women with insulin resistance and PCOS. Active components of the drug are necessary for the harmonious functioning of the ovaries and the overall quality of oocytes and embryos.
  • Miofolic stimulates the development of cells and the formation of organs at the stage of intrauterine development and in the first months of the newborn’s life.

Myo-inositol, formulated in Miofolic, is a natural substance for the body. It supports hormone balance and it controls the function of the ovaries, the quality of the eggs and the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

  • The drug enhances insulin sensitivity of cells. When administered orally, Miofolic stimulates glucose uptake by skeletal muscle and reduces blood sugar. This prevents the development of gestational diabetes, especially in overweight women.
  • Miofolic eliminates the pathological manifestations of PCOS.
  • Miofolic prevents metabolic syndrome in women with PCOS. Clinical studies have proven that myo-inositol increases the level of HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) and lowers LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and triglyceride levels, stabilizing blood pressure.
  • Miofolic can prevent cardiac pathology. It has been proven that the additional myo-inositol intake reduces cardiovascular disease risk factors (blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides) in patients with metabolic syndrome.

Miofolic is an innovative complex for improving the female reproductive function and normalizing the hormone balance at all stages of preparing for pregnancy, as well as for its further healthy course.

The key biochemical and clinical benefits of taking Miofolic

  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Helps reduce the level of triglycerides and overall cholesterol in the blood
  • Normalizes metabolic processes (increases insulin sensitivity)
  • Reduces the overall testosterone level
  • Increases progesterone level
  • Increases the number of ovulatory cycles
  • Reduces the hirsutism assessment and decreases acne severity

Benefits of taking Miofolic during assisted reproductive technologies (ART)

  • Enables a reduction in the overall dose of gonadotropins (hormones that stimulate the work of the ovaries)
  • Increases the number of oocytes with a diameter of 15 mm during stimulation and significantly decreases the number of immature oocytes

Benefits of taking Miofolic during pregnancy

  • Reduces the incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus
  • Reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia developing (complications in pregnancy that occur in the 2-3 trimester)
  • Normalizes the gestation period up to 39.3 weeks against 37.2 in the control group
  • Reduces the risk of possible fetal neural tube defects